Dorlene’s Mixed Media Art Pages


Dorlene’s work continues to exemplify how these mixed media pieces evolve from experimentation! Reds can be a difficult color to work with. The initial attempts to color the poppies using multiple mediums of red, orange and yellow resulted in blends that looked more like purple. In the end, Dorlene turned to red acrylic paint to paint the flowers. She also stamped on top with a sentiment stamp for a small detail.

She decided to add white pen to the flower lines but instantly regretted it. As a solution, she grabbed a wet wipe and rubbed it off. Loving the faded white details, she did the same thing to the second flower.

The background was a piece she had done awhile ago and had in her stash.
It was made with yellow, orange and purple ink sprays, along with a Tim Holtz stencil, white acrylic paint, black splatter and some script stamping. The little circles were made by using a straw and white acrylic paint.

To finish off the piece, she drew a striped border around the edges. Gorgeous piece!


Acrylic Paint: Too Blue, Baby Blue, Lt. Pink, Sunny Yellow, White
Ink: Basic Black Re-inker
Markers: Silver Paint Marker and White Correction Ink Pen
Ink Spray: Ranger’s Pistachio
Watercolor Paint: Crayola (purple & blue and green & brown)
#2 Pencil


Toilet Tissue Roll
Paint Brush

Digital Compositionpoppy card-01

This composition shows the versatility of working with digital images.

  • Enlarge the poppies design to fit a 5×7″ card format
  • digitally color the poppies in shades of peach and green
  • Add the wrought iron gate behind the flowers
  • Layer background (quickly made from a photo of pavement, vectorized, and colored in soft tones
  • Hand letter “Congratulations”, scan and color to coordinate with the poppies

Stay tuned to see the wrought iron gate and “congratulations” wording as new digi images!

Michelle’s Cards

In this beautiful card, carefully done by Michelle, we can see these poppies in their rich and vibrant red tones.

For the background there’s a sort of ombré beige to red-ish brown, offering a really nice compliment to the Poppies’ color.  The stitching around the card adds to the beautiful hand made style.

Covering the flowers’ stems she has a zig-zag paper with a nice burnt orange chevron pattern, also complimenting the overall colors of this card.

For a finishing special touch, there is a tiny 3D butterfly!

August Flower of the Month – Poppy