It is that time of year when we clean up our yards in preparation for winter and when we notice that our plants have left us some lovely seed presents!

We designed a set of templates to let you create your very own seed packets which you can use to store your seeds or to give them away as presents to your gardening neighbors, friends, and family.

AJ Bodine created some beautiful cards with seed packets attached to the front using our templates. We hope this gets you excited to create some of your own and share the bounty of your garden!
For those of you who love to save seeds, you can make up a bunch ahead of time. Also, because the template is digital, you can print them out in different sizes.


“In the fall when everything is going to seed, you’ve got the perfect storage solution to keep your seeds dark and dry until spring planting season!” — AJ Bodine.



There is also a blank template available for those of you who want to decorate your own packets.

Digi Seed Packet Project!
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