Many of us are attracted to digi stamps because we can quickly print an illustration we love and then get busy coloring it. It is not that different than using a rubber or clear stamp, except that with stamps we get to pick the color of ink we stamp with! Antique brown, Black, or…. a much lighter color which doesn’t show up after you are done coloring.

Image 1: Columbine – Black outline

Well, the same can be accomplished with digi stamps if you have a little experience with graphics editing. Whether you have Photoshop, or you are using a free graphics program such as GIMP, you can quickly change the black digi stamp color to say… a light grey.
Why would you do this, you ask? This blog post will show you how you can accomplish a totally different look, one that looks like a mini original painting, by de-emphasizing the digi stamp outline.
This technique is not for the faint at heart, it does require good coloring or painting skills.

Image 2: Columbine – Light grey outline

Take for instance the Rocky Mountain Columbine digi stamp. Image 1 was printed normally (black outline) on watercolor paper (Strathmore Inkjet textured paper). We quickly painted it with watercolors, not being particularly careful with the shading as the black outlines take care of keeping the image crisp.

Next, we swapped the black outline for a very light grey one and again printed it on a paper with a watercolor texture (Image 2.) We then carefully painted it with watercolors. As you can see, the outline is barely visible and looks like an underlying pencil drawing.  The finished product looks like an original mini painting (which it is!).

We experimented with a few other images in our wildflower series. We hope you enjoy the post and that you give this a try! If you are not familiar with how to change the color of the image, feel free to write us and we will help you change any Lila Grey image outline to the color of your choice.

The Bluebells with the light grey outline look super delicate in comparison with the black outline. You wouldn’t know it was a digi stamp – it looks like it was drawn and painted. How fun is that?

Image 3: Bluebells - Black outline
Image 3: Bluebells – Black outline
Image 4: Bluebells - Light grey outline
Image 4: Bluebells – Light grey outline

The wildflowers digi stamp was also fun to color – we couldn’t make up our mind on which colors to use, so we painted each in a different color scheme!

Image 5: Wildflowers - Black outline
Image 5: Wildflowers – Black outline
Wildflowers - Light Grey outline
Wildflowers – Light Grey outline

So you have crazy coloring skills? Why not give this technique a try? your friends and family will be thrilled to receive a card with your own mini-paintings!

Mini-Paintings with Digi Stamps