Let’s Celebrate!

On our third installment of mixed media art journal pages, we bring you a festive “Let’s Celebrate” theme.  There are just a few stamps used in this design: the hanging ornament, a border stamp, and the “You’re Home!” text. The rest is all done with mixed media supplies and Dorlene’s wonderful hand writing.

Basic Instructions:

  1. Spray mustard seed distress ink on the paper.
  2. Using a stencil, spray coral distress ink on the page. Before lifting the stencil, stamp a polka dot background pattern over it using black ink.
  3. Spritz raspberry ink over the page in a random pattern.
  4. Fill in white areas with Pistachio ink.
  5. Apply white acrylic ink to bubble wrap and stamp across the top left and bottom right of the page.
  6. Splatter blue and yellow ink on the page – a spritzer or toothbrush will work well for this technique.
  7. Using black ink, stamp the decorative border across the top of the page (this is what the ornaments will ‘hang’ from. Stamp the ornaments below the border at different heights.
  8. Randomly draw lines coming down from the stamped edge and falling above and below the ornaments. Add some circles, hearts, diamond shapes, etc to the end of them. These will look like streamers falling down. Add color and swirly lines to make the design festive. Doodle and have fun with this part!
  9. Use a white pen to outline the ornaments.
  10. Hand write “Celebrate” on the bottom of the page using a black Sharpie pen and highlight in white. Add the “Let’s” above the “C” for Celebrate, and stamp “You’re Home!” on the top right above the border. The “You’re Home” text is actually stamped from two other text stamps (“You’re Invited” and “Home Sweet Home”).

Tip: When using a stencil with straight edges, cover the edges with a paper towel or napkin to avoid getting harsh lines when using spray ink.

– Home Sweet Home (LG-003) by Lila Grey Stamps
– Ranger Distress Spray Inks: Mustard Seed, Abandoned Coral, Picked Raspberry, Cracked Pistachio.
– Paint Spritzes (hand mixed): blue, yellow
– White acrylic paint
– Gelly Pen (white), Black BIC pen, Black Sharpie
– Mixed media supplies (packaging material as stencil, toothbrush, bubble wrap)

To see the step by step photos & blog write up, see Dorlene’s blog post at the Command Center.

Mixed Media Art Journal – Part III
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