One year later, we have a full collection of Dorlene’s mixed media art journal pages featuring our beautiful flower of the month digi stamps! We feel very lucky to have Dorlene as part of our design team and love her fresh approach of using our designs in her mixed media work.

We have assembled the full gallery of her Flower of the Month Art Journal Pages and a short Q&A so you too can get to know Dorlene better!

January – Snowdrops
February – Violets


Dorlene, how did you get started with mixed media?

“I’ve always loved abstract art and collage art and one day decided to try it.  I watched a bunch of youtube videos and checked out blogs until I felt comfortable diving in.  I do that a lot with new techniques and products.  I love learning new things and pushing my creative self.”

March – Daffodils
April – Daisies

What do you love about making art journal pages?

For some reason, working in an art journal gives me a sense of freedom.  I’m not necessarily working on a specific project so I don’t have to worry about making mistakes.  If I don’t like it, I add another layer.  Art journaling also gives me a chance to play with products or techniques before actually committing to something.”

May – Lily of the Valley
June – Roses


What did you like most about working with the flower of the month digi images?

 “I love working with the Flower of the Month (FOM) digi images because I can make them any size I want.  The images are realistic flower blooms with lots of great details.  I have worked with digis before, but since my coloring is not the greatest, I never really liked using them.  With mixed media, the focus is not a beautifully colored bloom, but an artistic fun and different bloom with an incredible background.”

July – Larkspur
August – Poppies

Tell us a little about your process for creating mixed media artwork

“My process is pretty simple.  First I decide what I’m doing and how do I want this piece to make me feel.  For instance, a spring flower makes me lighthearted and happy so I select three to four main colors to work with.  My first layer is to just put down some color whether it is with ink, markers, paint, etc.  I participate in a couple of challenge sites where they give a prompt or guideline of techniques.  When I’m stuck, I’ll go to these sites and get a nudge from them.  Then I start pulling my tools out.  Sometimes it’s to play with a new one, or grab an ol’ favorite.  I add marks/colors as I see fit. “


September – Asters
October – Cosmos


How has your style evolved in the past year?

“My style has changed so much over the past year.  I am so much braver when adding colors and marks.  I have a “let’s just try it” attitude where before I stuck to the basics.  I also find myself using more bright colors. “

November – Chrysanthemum
December – Holly

What is your next for you? what artistic/creative space are you looking to explore?

I really want to try using a gelli plate.  I want to focus on making mixed media cards and scrapbook layouts not just in my art journal.  I want to continue to push myself artistically with new techniques and projects.”

We can’t wait to see how Dorlene’s work evolves over the next year! It has been an inspiration to have her on our team, and we hope to have a long art filled relationship for years to come!

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Mixed Media Flower of the Month Art Journal
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