We’ve all been there. We need to drop a quick note in the mail, but can’t seem to find the “right’ card.  We’ve designed a set of super easy and quick to make notecards which require no painting, no cutting, no layering. That’s right, just ink and stamp.


Our Gardens collection of bold stamps is just perfect for the job.  How easy is this really?


  1. White cards and envelopes
  2. Bold stamps and acrylic blocks for temporary  mounting
  3. Your favorite ink colors


For the birds cards:

  1. Stamp the branches in light green
  2. Stamp the birds in antique or dark brown
  3. Stamp another piece of flowering branch in navy

For the floral card:

  1. Stamp the branches in dark brown and mustard color inks at the bottom of the card
  2. Stamp the flower in a robin’s egg blue randomly at the top of the card

For the envelopes:

  1. Using the same color scheme used on the cards, stamp some of the same elements used on the card on the lower left side of the envelope.
  2. Consider also stamping a small design on the front envelope flap.

That’s it!

— The Bloom Arts Team

Quick and Easy Notecards!
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